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How to Choose The Right Realtor For You: A Simple And Friendly Guide

Chris DeWilde

Executive Sales Consultant

Realtor specializing in Residential, and Commercial Property. 8+ years of digital marketing and sales experience.

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Finding the right realtor can make all the difference when selling a home. Still, it can feel like an overwhelming task – after all, you’re trusting someone else to make you a fantastic sale. There is not a one-size fits all approach, and it requires making big decisions based on limited information.

That’s why we created this guide: with it, you can confidently choose a realtor to sell your home and find the best deal around!

9 Considerations To Find An Estate Realtor

Estate Realtor showing a house

Compare Agents Online

Start by doing some research online. Browse agent websites, social media profiles, and read reviews from previous clients. This will give you an idea of each realtor’s experience, expertise, and reputation.

Get Referrals

Ask your friends, family, or colleagues for recommendations. Referrals from the people you trust are invaluable when selecting a realtor.

Visit The Local Housing Market In Person

Walk around your neighborhood and observe which real estate agents have a strong presence. Visiting open houses can also help you meet realtors face-to-face and gauge their professionalism and knowledge of the local market.

Meet With A Few Agents

Schedule appointments with a handful of realtors to discuss your needs and expectations. This will allow you to compare their personalities, communication styles, and overall approach to the home-selling process.

Ask Questions About How They Work

Inquire about their marketing strategies, negotiation skills, and how they handle challenges. The more you know about their work style, the better equipped you’ll be to make an informed decision.

Explain How You’d Like To Communicate

Make sure your preferred communication method aligns with your realtor. Whether you prefer phone calls, texts, or emails, it’s essential that both parties are on the same page.

Clarify Why You Want To Sell

Discuss your reasons for selling, whether upgrading to a larger home, divorce, relocating, or downsizing. This will help the realtor understand your priorities and tailor their approach accordingly.

Discuss Selling Strategies

Talk about the ideal number of showings you’d like and the selling strategies that best suit your property. A good realtor can advise on what works best for your situation.

Agree On Important Details

Before signing any contracts with an estate realtor, agree on essential details such as commission rates, listing duration, and any additional services the realtor will provide.

Find The Best Realtor For You At DeWilde Agent

Finding the best realtor for you can be challenging, making you feel lost and burdened by the selling process. As a homeowner, you deserve the perfect realtor to guide you through this journey. At DeWilde Agent, I believe in assisting you at every step to ensure a smooth and profitable selling experience. 

As a top-notch realtor, I have helped several property owners sell their homes. To get started, simply:

Contact us, and we’ll arrange for an in-person walkthrough

We’ll list your house and review different offers

We’ll help you close a deal once we settle it.

Avoid getting stuck with a poor deal from an inefficient realtor. I’ll help you make the most of your home sale and enjoy the best deal.

Don't Gamble On Your Sale — Bring In The Expert!

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